From March 22 to April 4, Gustavo Gimeno will conduct a new production of Sergei Prokofiev’s enigmatic opera “The Fiery Angel” at the Teatro Real. Inspired by the symbolist novel of the same name by Valery Bryusov, this opera tells a story of a couple and their hallucinatory journey to the dark side of passion. The production by Calixto Bieito’s captures the work’s full potential in a way that is as convincing as it is chilling, setting the action in the closed society of the 1950s and translating this plot of witchcraft, sex and religion into the realism of leather sofas, crocheted cardigans, the repression of madness and child abuse. The production is a collaboration with the Opernhaus Zürich; the cast includes Ausrine Stundyte, Elena Popovskaya, Dimitris Tiliakos, Dimitris Tiliakos, Dmitry Golovnin, Vsevolod Grivnov among others.

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